Events in November 2022

starting on 19th

Circle of Light – Introductory Sessions

By stepping into your light, really stepping up to who you are, you are creating something magical in the world.

๐ŸŒป Like a flower that blooms,

๐ŸŒŸ A star that shines,

๐Ÿฆœ A bird that sings โ€“

Simply by being ourselves and emanating this, we can create change in the world around us.

Taking this concept further, is the Circle of Light.

This is where a group of us come together to join forces, raise our vibrations and emanate together โ€“ for the greater good.

Based on ancient healing traditions and drawing on the Shamanic practice of transfiguration, weโ€™ll work as a group to create change for the greater good.

Weโ€™ll focus on our planet, as well as ourselves โ€“ to contribute to the healing of our beautiful world, and send ripples of goodness out into it.

As an Integral Sound Healing practitioner, Iโ€™ll guide you on this journey and youโ€™ll experience the magic of these healing vibrations โ€“

  • For self-healing
  • For planetary healing
  • For flora and fauna healing

And the best bit? You donโ€™t need any prior experience in any of this โ€“ just the desire to offer more goodness and light into the world.

Over the series, we come together for 45-60-minute weekly online sessions.

This is where you can dip your toe in the water to get a feel for this powerfully healing work.

NOTE: Levels 1 & 2 will be starting in 2023.

It was good to have a definite time to hold the session as life is very busy and being disciplined enough to make the time is often difficult. I found the session relaxing as it allowed me to clear my head of clutter thoughts and let me concentrate on the issues I was having that were causing me stress. After the session I was more able to structure my day to become more effective and less stressful.

~ Ray

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I feel so blessed to be able to drop in for the sound bath sessionsโ€ฆ

for me what better way to release the tensions that can so often build during the week
and serenely drifting off to a calm peaceful space.

I always leave these sessions feeling renewed and refreshed โ€ฆ.
ready to โ€œstart again,โ€ as it were.

And in line with my own personal rituals an important part of
becoming a better version of myself.

~ Jennie Culic

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I loved the way Lucinda was easy to talk to and gentle in her approach. The sound that she created both with her instruments and voice took me off somewhere and immersed me into a safe place.

~ R.E.

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