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Feeling Hopeful in 2022

If you were feeling hopeful coming into 2022 and quickly became overwhelmed with all the things that are going on – BUT you still want to retain that hopefulness – then this post is for you.

Life's Been Tough for Many of Us

This whole thing of being overwhelmed with world events is really very real to me – I live in Melbourne, which is one of the most locked down cities in the whole world! We spent most of the last two years in lockdown, as you probably know.

So, coming into 2022, I was so excited and so hopeful for things getting back to, well, the “new normal.”

My Pear-Shaped Start to the Year

However, it began to feel like we were on repeat, a bit like a stuck record, just same old, same old, because it was pretty much on the first day of the year that things went pear-shaped.

On the first day of the year, I visited my beautiful parents who are in their 90s. Soon after, the aged care facility which they're in went into lockdown. This meant that when I put together a “care package” for them, I'd only be able to drop it off and wave to them as they stood at their upstairs window. It was so heartbreaking – just seeing their faces in the window and not being able to be close to them.

Then, at about the same time, both of my beautiful puppies got sick. They got a tummy bug which saw us getting up every hour or so to wash them… And that gave me a good insight into how tough parenthood can be.

And, of course on top of all of this that's life and work as usual.

3 Tips for Feeling Hopeful

Here's what I'm doing to keep feeling hopeful, safe and secure.

I choose to always act on what I can take action on – and let be that which is out of my control.

1 – Pause

The first tip is to pause, to get still and connect in with my inner knowing.

For me, I close my eyes and breathe.

I bring my awareness inwards, drawing my attention into me.

I listen to the sounds, sounds from afar, then closer and closer in.

The same for sensations.

Then, I check in with myself and my inner knowing, to get the guidance for my next action steps.

feeling hopeful
feeling hopeful

2 – Puppy Time

My second tip is to spend time with furry ones or loved ones.

For me, it's “puppy time”.

I spend a lot of time with my pups (my gorgeous Skye terriers).

I would have to say that the cuddles, the play, the walks, the time that we spend together is just invaluable for joy and bring that sense of hope.

3 – Sound Healing

And the third thing that I do a daily Sound Healing practice.

Now I'm incredibly lucky – to have a room full of fabulous instruments that I can make beautiful sounds with.

In the video, I share one of my favourites – an incredible, beautiful Tibetan bowl or Himalayan singing bowl. It's got a lovely, deep voice. I love to sing with this one as well or hum.

As I say, I'm blessed because I've got a room full of these wonderful instruments, which is not common.

So what I've done is I've created a pre-recorded Sound Healing track for you. If you would like to download it for free, then you can get it here.

feeling hopeful

What else can you do to keep feeling hopeful?

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