Air Tube Earphones are such great things!

Not only are they perfect for Sound Healing and Sound Baths, but can also be used for talking on your phone, attending online meetings, and even recording vlogs!

What makes them safer than other earphones is that the last 15.5cm before the ear piece is actually a hollow tube. The absence of wiring helps to reduce electromagnetic fields from travelling up and into your ears.


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Important Points:

  • They have a round 3.5mm plug, so do need an adapter for iPhones (these are about $14 from Apple resellers).
  • The last 15.5cm is made from hollow plastic tubes allowing sound to travel to your ears without wires.
  • The wires (in the lower portion) are braided to reduce magnetic fields.


  • There is an answer-hang-up button near the microphone.


  • These have a sturdy joint where the wires separate. That said, do be gentle with them.

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