Sound Healing…

Sound Healing is a beautiful modality that I am very passionate about.

It is new for many people, and therefore, I have created different ways to connect and work together.

Are you facing change and want to be supported in navigating this with ease?

Then I have something special for you.

The Changing Times Roadmap is a 3-month individual program with a small group element.

Please click here to find out more about how this all works.

I am fortunate to be participating in Lucindaโ€™s The Changing Times Roadmap program… I am already feeling incredible emotional, mental and physical shifts… I feel incredibly lighter, centred and grounded in my body… The healing experience is gentle, nurturing and safe… Each time I feel restored and renewed…

~ Clare

If you feel drawn to create a new book (not just a new page or chapter) in your life but have limited funds, then please reach out.

The Earth Mother Sound Healing Scholarship Fund

This fund is available to help make change possible – particularly when they seem (financially) impossible.

You can read more here >>

What a blessing this session was last week!!! … I really appreciated it and have felt itโ€™s wonderful effects ever since for sure!

~ Kyle

Want to receive the benefits of an Individual Sound Healing session?

Excellent. I keep a handful of spots available for these.

As powerful as they are, you really do get far more profound benefits from a series of sessions.

These are online sessions and run for 90-minutes.

In these sessions, we work together on your intention and/or whatever is currently going on for you.

You can book your session here.

… I have received both one-on-one and group sessions from Lucinda and have been amazed by her natural gift for it. Lucinda is a talented practitioner with an ability to intuitively connect with me and to bring me to a deeply relaxed and rejuvenating inner space. She is genuine and gentle in her approach and I fully entrust myself in her capable hands. I leave every session with new insights, a lightness in my body and a joy in my heart. I thoroughly enjoy receiving sound healing from Lucinda and warmly recommend her to anyone who would like to discover this wonderful modality.

~ Nina

The Circle of Light

The Circle of Light is where we come together as a group, raise our vibrations and emanate love and light into the world. We'll focus on our planet, and all within it.

The magical healing sounds will be our vehicle on this journey.

On a personal level, youโ€™ll:

  • Experience deep relaxation, allowing you to feel refreshed and renewed
  • Receive focused individual healing within the sessions
  • Benefit from the rebound healing effects by just taking part

Thereโ€™s no need to discuss, relive or talk about what needs healing โ€“ we allow the healing frequencies to do this.

On a planetary level, youโ€™ll:

  • Support the planet to heal
  • Assist the animals and plants in their wellbeing
  • Help to create positive change

As well, 100% of the profits are donated to relevant charities โ€“ so this is a Circle of us coming together in service to our beautiful planet.